Rookie stories: What’s Green and Red all over?

Rookie stories: What’s Green and Red all over?

I was introduced to Blood Bowl with what I believe was the 3rd edition rules. I knew nothing about the game, except I had seen one of my friends and my brother playing it over and over for several nights. Despite the ugly art and not being a Games Workshop fan, I finally became intrigued.

I went to make my team and *insisted* on playing the Halflings. My brother tried to talk me out of it, but I stubbornly refused. I’m sure he probably thought “idiot” and finally let me have my way. I thought Halflings were a cool race in Dungeons & Dragons, so they must be cool at football too, right?! Oh, how wrong I was. As a first game, it was pretty bad. I think my brother had Orcs. He proceeded to smash my front line over and over. I’m pretty sure I put all of my ‘Flings on the front line, like a nice set of bowling pins with signs reading “Knock me down!”. To answer the question above, the field was pretty much green and red all over after the Orcs got finished with my Flings.

After the massacre, I swore something about this being the stupidest game ever, and vowed never to play the game again! I was especially upset about how seemingly unbalanced the teams were, how one little mistake can cost you your whole turn, how difficult it was to perform the most basic of football actions, and how poorly the game imitated the strategies of football (though I am not a sports fan whatsoever). Yep, I could cross that game off my play list and probably torch the lot at the same time!

Once again, I was wrong. I did eventually return to the game and ended up really liking it. As for Halflings, it would be an even longer time before I tried that team again.

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    1. Halflings are one of the few 3e teams I fully painted. They were pretty fun and not too hard. Now that I sold them off, will have to see what happens. I’ve only played Halflings a few times. They are a little better than I usually give them credit for, but in general they are not my ‘goto’ team.

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  1. Indeed, I’ve sold off other collections before and then ended up re-purchasing them! This time around I went through a long internal debate about keeping the old teams. Ultimately I decided I liked the new sculpts better and the uniform size. The only thing I feel like the new sculpts are really lacking, is some of the cartoonish qualities of the older minis. If they released new minis in 10 years, all in the same size, with a touch more humor, ….I’d probably buy them all over again. I really hope GW isn’t reading this blog.


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