Rookie Stories: All by myself…

Rookie Stories: All by myself…

I had started a league with some friends and most of the players were brand new to Blood Bowl. One person came in a little late and decided to take Dwarves. He really liked the Death Roller custom mini I created and wanted it on his team.  So he ended up with a Death roller.

For his first match, he goes against my brother, who is a pretty experienced Skaven coach. He sets up his Dwarves and places the Death Roller way back towards his end zone. My brother says ‘Umm, you might want the Death roller on the line to block…’. Rookie player “No, I’m good.”. I believe my brother and I both tried to give some more advice, but the only response was “No, really, I’m good.”.


The Death Roller hung out in the back field the whole time. Skaven, being Skaven, scored quick. Bye bye Death Roller.

After the game, we hung out for a bit and talked. Turns out Rookie coach was worried about losing such an expensive guy (the Death Roller) on his team, so he wanted to leave him back where he was less likely to be harmed. We all had a chuckle about that. I still have that funny picture in my head of the lonely Dwarven Death Roller way, way back on the field.




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