Under the Slow Brush: pt. 6

Under the Slow Brush: pt. 6

Yep, week 6. Slow again, but here it is.

So this weekend, got to two paints, Hexed Lichen and more Glorious Gold:


I wasn’t sure what color to paint the back plates on the Dwarves, but purple seemed like a good color match with the reds, browns, and gold. The back plates look sort of like gems to me. Not sure what else they would be. I’ve never painted gems before, and after applying the purple, started to do some research. I saw some advice on putting down silver first and then painting your gem color over the top. Oops.


I’m mixed on that. I can either paint the silver over and then apply purple. Or just try to paint them as gems without the silver. Alternately I’m thinking of painting the plate all gold, like a chunk of metal on the back, but then there would be a lot of gold on them. Might have to do some tests to see what I think.

Other than that, just started some gold on a few head/beard pieces. Figured I would give them a go. If I can paint them up a bit and darken the undersides, they would be ready for gluing when I’m ready. I think I also touched up the gold on a few pieces as well.


That was all for this last weekend.


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