A Quicky

A Quicky

So here’s a pretty simple one that I managed to get done. The range rulers, throw-in and bounce templates for Blood Bowl.

Simple black coat with the airbrush. Followed by drybrushing with Folk Art Brushed Metal “Brushed Dark Grey”. It’s a nice sized bottle (59ml) that I picked up at a craft store (Michael’s) for doing terrain and whatnot. It has a nice gunmetal color. Saved me a bit of money and hasn’t let me down.

I took a look at the current BB logos, most had some silver and then reds and blues.

Range Ruler



The footballs were easy. I’ve mainly been using Vallejo paints, but I recently picked up a pot of Mournfang Brown to see how it looks for the Blood Bowl footballs. I also wanted to see what I think of the GW paints in general (more on that some other time). It turned out to be a nice brown for footballs (or mud). White ties are Vallejo Model Color – White.

For the blue lettering, I cracked open a bottle of Vallejo Game Color Extra Opaque – Heavy Blue. I just got a set of their Extra Opaque paints, and again, wanted to test these out (notice a pattern here?!). Worked pretty nicely.

On the bounce template I decided to make the edges of the arrows a copperish color. Afterwards the gunmetal/copper parts were clashing too much for my liking, so I ended up repainting the arrow edges with the Brushed Dark Grey.

Inbetween pic – arrows half brushed metal/copper


The red numbers, I’m fairly certain are Mephiston Red. I’ve been scrambling between a number of projects (hobby and otherwise), and it’s definitely affected documenting painting projects. Need to nip that in the bud, before it comes back to bite me. Nothing worse than returning to a mini, and not remembering which color you used to paint what!

Here are the two templates completed with two layers of Dull Cote applied.



My main goal was to use very few colors, and keep the numbers (or range marks on the range ruler) easily visible and readable. The black base color with the brushed metal effect, doesn’t seem to detract from reading the numbers. So I consider that “mission accomplished”. I could have potentially used more vibrant colors for red and blue, but it seems okay.

All in all, nice to finally work on something and be able to say “done!”. Even if it wasn’t too big a deal.

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    1. Thanks! For straight out of the box, plastic, I’d say the templates are quite functional and nice looking. I don’t think I would’ve painted them so soon, but I needed something to try out some new paints on.

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