Fun on Friday

Fun on Friday

Miniature painting is a lot of work. I’m sure there are a lot of other hobbies out there that are less tedious. But sometimes you have to laugh about it. I’m sure my fellow hobbyists will think I’m crazy, but I had one of those “Oh man, what am I doing!” moments last night. Maybe someone else will get a good laugh, so here’s me sharing….

‘The World’s Smallest Palette!’


Most times I’m working with one color at a time, and that little strip of parchment paper serves me just fine. Last night I guess I was working on one model, hoping to get something done for Azazel’s April Assembly Challenge, and I guess I needed more than one color. So I kept adding little drops onto my wet palette, and after awhile I was having a hard time finding a place to add more. At which point I stopped to really look at what I was doing and then laugh at my craziness.

In hindsight, I should make a bigger sponge/paper combo for times like these. But at any rate, enjoy your Friday!



6 thoughts on “Fun on Friday

    1. Oh man, that’s hilarious…cute Jaws reference, but it just so happens that’s what my daughter pretends the little dish is when she gets to play in the office! It gets loaded with dice or some plastic minis and the “boat” goes round and round the room.

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        1. There’s enough D&D plastic monster minis to keep her busy. Not sure that I’ve seen a really cool shark one yet. She doesn’t seem to care which ones can’t swim or not.

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