Slippery When Wet pt. 1

Slippery When Wet pt. 1

Yep, driving along and there’s those caution signs. Nevermind that, I’m having a blast! I’m driving on fumes and drinking gasoline!

I’ll just finish the magnetic storage, so I’ll have a place to put all these cool minis once I finish….wait, my weighted base discs aren’t magnetic at the bottom!? *SWERVE!!*

New washer base on the left, old weighted base material on the right.

Well, we managed to mostly make it past that turn. But we did lose Engleburtto to that tree…..he looks pretty shook up!

Earthquake bases, now on sale for $10 USD.

What if we try some green stuff and I-ROW Baking Soda/Superglue?

A bit of paint later, and back to the road of recovery…

Not TOO shabby.

Okay now, let’s get everyone back on the bus…!

Glad I didn’t have a ton to rebase!

And that’s how things went a couple weeks ago. The planned “finish the damned Dwarves” got a bit sidetracked as I rebased them all to work with a magnetic storage idea. I rebased the Goliaths at the same time. I was a bit proud of salvaging that nearly destroyed base with green stuff and whatnot. Though I probably did it just so I wouldn’t have to repaint it. Which is dumb, because painting is less work than green stuffing. Also, I got to play with Baking Soda/Superglue combo, which I’ve seen ImperialRebelOrk use on his site quite often. Not sure that will replace my current method, but it’s a very nicething to add to the tool belt.

Despite the detour, the Dwarves did get finished. I’ll either get pics up this week or next. I cursed myself for getting sidetracked for sure, but it’s progress and once I work out the finer details, I’ll share my magnetic storage solution as well. 

Oh yea, this is “part 1”, so there will be another story to share …

16 thoughts on “Slippery When Wet pt. 1

  1. I think a few of us will have been through this at some point! Hope all involved escaped mostly unharmed! I always use magnetic rubber on the bottoms of pennies as bases and line my storage boxes with steel paper, although vehicles tend to get carefully packed together (since I don’t base them).

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    1. Oh yea, I’m sure everyone has had those sidetrack moments and sudden crashes. For the most part, removing the bases went okay. The actual minis stayed intact and no major repainting. The base I posted was in the worst shape. Again, I really should have chucked it, but it did show me how much you can salvage with some green stuff. Which is handy to know later on. A few other bases needed some minor green stuff patching and repainting. All in all, probably set me back 2 days. In the long scheme of things, not horrible, and hopefully will never have to do it again.

      I think at first I was going to go the route of attaching the magnet to the base, instead of vice versa. I’ve glued a small magnet into the tops of the Blood Bowl bases though, to help hold the ball during play. Having two magnets, means I’d have to be more careful about polarities, so I opted to go the opposite route.

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  2. Nice rescue job there!

    Also, is it just me, or does that Dwarf seem like he could look pretty badass on a surfboard or something?

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  3. I guess that’s why I base on washers to begin with! I know that most folks use the bases with the slots, but I’m a refugee from the pre-slotta world. I use Really Useful Boxes lined with Aleene’s Magnetic tacky sheets. They cut with scissors and my bases hold pretty well.

    Nice post!

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    1. Thanks Mark! I think you just solved a few of my headaches in 1 comment! Those boxes look better than what I’ve been using. Though mine are a bit smaller, which is nice for storage. Problem is, they have a rounded/indented section inside and the magnetic strips keep lifting in those spots. Are the Really Useful Boxes completely flat inside? Have you had any problems with the magnetic sheet sticking?

      Yep, I believe Azazel was the other one who mentioned washers on the bottom of bases. Cheaper and works better than what I was up to. Just glad I stumbled onto something that works nicely.

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      1. They are indeed flat inside and stack great. I have not had any real problems with the sheets sticking – though sometimes smaller pieces come out and are easily reaffixed with glue. You can see the ones I use in my blog such as the Space Roos or the Space Cowboys. I like the 7 liter ones for minis, and if too tall the 11 liter ones work. All my tanks (not magnetized but with foam) are in 4 liter boxes. I use 32 liter for my terrain, with multi-levels I built in them (with magnetic sheets on plywood) so that I can maximize their use without damaging my stuff. Great for transport.

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        1. Thanks, I’ll check out those sheets then. I’ve tried cleaning/scratching the inside of the box. Loctite gel and Gorilla super-glue, but some parts always seem to pop up. Hard to say if it’s just the box or the adhesive magnet strips.

          Awesome sized boxes for holding a skirmish sized team though:

          These ones aren’t too much bigger, so I’ll give them a go:

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      1. I probably could have gone either way on the slotta thing, but after tidying up the slots on the base, more and more…I’m disliking them. I might end up buying new (non-slotted) bases from GW to finish off the Blood Bowl minis.

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