Blood Bowl – Chaos Minotaur

Blood Bowl – Chaos Minotaur

Well, I kinda saved the best for last on this one. Only 1 mini this time, but he’s literally a beast!

Most Blood Bowl teams can have one “big guy”, and for Chaos Chosen it’s a minotaur. Here’s a quick size comparison to show you just how big this guy is:


The Beastman on the right, would be considered ‘average’ height. Chaos Blocker on the left, a little taller. The minotaur is a good head taller, in a slightly crouched charging position!


To be honest, I’m pretty much in love with this mini. Despite my general disdain of stupidly expensive ForgeWorld models.


Unlike some of their models, he went together pretty easy and I don’t remember cleanup being that difficult. Granted I did assemble him ages ago, so don’t hold me to that.


Paints wise, I stressed about the skin tone first. Luckily, I was off to the right start with some Red Brown Stylnrez Airbrush Primer. That really did 90% of the work for me, and the rest of the mini went pretty swimmingly.


The only really stressed details were the horns/hoofs, which I had already been practicing on the Chaos Beastmen and Blockers.

The other was the highlight fur effect that I had seen on FW’s site. Since the minotaur doesn’t have sculpted fur, this sort of effect can sorta make them look like they are covered in it:


Admittedly, I don’t think my effect turned out anywhere as good as theirs. I also flipped out when my highlighted fur brush strokes turned out much lighter than intended. But at Β a normal distance, they actually work. On super close inspection they start to look a little more odd to me. I can live with it though.


Lastly, I made the tail detachable. It’s magnetized, mainly to make things easier when the mini is placed prone for a knock down in the game. Also handy for storage. I got this idea originally from friends over at Wyrd Stones & Tackle Zones.

Just in case you couldn’t tell, I’m really happy with the mini. The sculpt is so nice, that it pretty much painted itself, and is probably one of my best looking minis to date because of that.

This minotaur rounds out this team, so What’s Next? Why, more Chaos of course! Say whaaaa…?!


31 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Chaos Minotaur

  1. I really like that model, one of my favourites in the Blood Bowl range (naturally, it’s Chaos!) and you’ve done a really nice job of it. The fur has come out really well. I’m curious to see what’s coming next, something else for this team or perhaps something like the Nurgle team?

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    1. Stay tuned Wudu, you just might like the next one! πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for the compliments too. It’s an amazing model, and really that did most of the work for me.

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    1. Thanks Pete! It’s funny…the first time I had a go at his eyes…he looked more confused than mean. Then I think I went with the red and black, and it just sort of came out mean. As he should. πŸ™‚

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  2. That’s an awesome looking Minotaur, and the classic Chaos All-Stars paint scheme on his armour/pads works a treat alongside his skin tones. Great work!

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  3. Nice-looking Magnetized Tail Minotaur. Skin tone is nice, as others have said, and I particularly like the vibrancy of red you got with the armor, and you are right — compared to an “average” player he is quite beefy, like ogre level beefy.

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