Blood Bowl – Human Tokens

Blood Bowl – Human Tokens

Now that I’ve gone through all the players, just the tokens are left for the Human team.


As mentioned in past posts, the standing markers keep track of the score and the current turn. The coin tokens are valuable “rerolls”.




The reroll tokens have the Blood Bowl logo and the team symbol on opposite sides of the coin. They turned out okay, but the BB side looks a bit odd to me with the blue, red, brown, silver, and gold colors.

I also painted one token all gold. Sometimes you can earn extra tokens for skills or different situations. The gold token will make it easier to differentiate, for when I might need to. I’ll probably do a few more of those, if I get extras. I think I’ve made the switch to using Army Painter Light Tone to shade on these. It provides a pretty nice soft brown effect, that I like on the gold.

I also took a couple pics of these tokens beside my previously (Contrast) painted Blitz Bowl tokens:




The blue/silver is a nice color combo, but the blue contrast paint can easily end up blotchy. For a fairly quick and dirty process, it’s alright for a regular boardgame, but I much prefer the outcome of the ‘standard’ process’.

Next up “The Team Shot!”.



17 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Human Tokens

  1. Great amount of work has gone into your tokens, all the extra effort has really paid off, as they stand well on their own as painted models

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    1. Aww, thanks Dave! The Chaos tokens were the toughest. I’m telling myself I might slow down on doing so many of these…but they really help to make the teams complete and that’s pretty compelling.

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    1. Thanks! Yea, it’s kind of cool, but I just saw a leak today that says the Human team has Halflings. And the Old World Alliance team has Halflings…so storage space wise, it would make the most sense to have a composite team that could act as either. Which means I’m rethinking just how I would paint and/or build an OWA team now. Leave it to GW to make a bunch of changes to mess with ya. Though overall, I am liking what I’ve seen so far and am eager to try out the new rules.

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    1. You get 2 of each token in a box. I picked up an extra box or bought bits to get a total of 8 reroll tokens. They were all bare plastic when I got them.

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