Blood Bowl – It’s Not Easy Being Green

Blood Bowl – It’s Not Easy Being Green

Yea, yea, I know I said “Up Next – A Tall Drink of Water”. And this guy isn’t really tall, but maybe he would like a drink of water?! Okay, okay, next time for sure!

Umm, an “Unknown” frog with Chainsaw

I mentioned awhile back, I’ve been collecting some minis. When I was placing an order with Fanath Arts, I saw this guy and totally fell in love with him.

I’ve always liked Kermit, since way back. And I loved when he sang that song “Rainbow Connection”. Such a nice song, and I think we’ve all had those moments.

But Kermit the Frog with a freakin chainsaw?! That’s just hilarious. He doesn’t really have a game correlation (no froggy Chainsaw Star Players exist, that I know of)…but I would either paint him for fun or just come up my own stats. Maybe if I ever make a custom Slann team, I’ll do those stats up.

Svelte Profile!

As mentioned, I ordered him pre-COVID. He was traveling from Spain, to his new home in the US. So, I waited. And waited. Sent an email. COVID hit, so I waited some more. Then sent another email…and yea, a mixed up address (not sure whose fault there, so I will blame myself), possibly held up on a cargo ship, etc. And it took a verrrry long time, but he finally arrived. Fanath Arts resent him without any additional postage charge, so I’m very grateful for their help in the matter. They also make some amazing minis, so worth checking out: Fanath Arts

Of note, I had a lot of problems with a number of international orders during this time. All of them had pretty much worked out after a long time though.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the base. I figured something swampy. So I opted for a mud base, some Nurgle’s Rot to form a swampy puddle. Then placed a plant down. I would’ve found a better spot for the plant, but that was the best place given the puddles and the fact that you have to leave the front of the base open to place the ball on in Blood Bowl. Yea, there are ways around that…but I have noticed how limiting that little game tidbit can be when doing up these mini bases.

Painting wise, not too hard. He has some different shades of green going on. I painted one color and glazed another. It can be tough trying to match colors from online, when lighting in different pics can change widely from image to image. Ultimately, I went with what I thought was close and identifiable.

I can never really figure out what colors to paint chainsaws though. Red with orange sounded good. The orange was a pain though. I darkened/highlighted it several times, but it still ended up a bit flat. The center of the chain blade was painted white, with some ‘chips’ in it for wear. I could’ve added some Blood for the Blood God…but it didn’t seem quite right to make him look like a bloodthirsty savage. I like it as is. I can go crazy with blood on the other Chainsaw guys I have.

Oh yea, pink seems to suck. GW doesn’t have a wide range, or I’m not finding what I need. For his tongue, I ended up using a mix. Possibly some VGC Squid Pink. Anyone else have experiences or a goto for GW Pinks?

Up Next – A Tall Drink of Water for reals!

12 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – It’s Not Easy Being Green

    1. Thanks TIM! He’s just the one. Funny though, my brother and I got into a long discussion after I showed him that one. We started naming all the muppets and what sort of positions they would play and likely skills. Would be a treat to see a whole team of Muppet minis, and pretty fun to paint!

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  1. Excellent work, certainly made me smile !
    As for the pinks GW pink horror is a good base colour, emperor’s children is a good midtone, but for highlight I use the squid pink from Vallejo

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    1. Thanks Dave! Yea, I have Pink Horror, Emperors Children, Fulgrim Pink and a bottle of (Dry) Changeling Pink I haven’t cracked open yet. From VGC I have Squid Pink and Warlord Purple. Not sure why I expect more variants of pink from GW, as their line of Red is essentially Mephiston or Khorne. And I tend to just use Mephiston all the time! 😉

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    1. Thanks, quite the fun one to do. Love seeing that mini whenever I pull out the storage bin. I need to stat him up. Maybe I’ll photoshop a card and share it here sometime.

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