Blood Bowl – Orc Blitzers

Blood Bowl – Orc Blitzers

Blitzers, some of the key pieces to the Orc team. Hard hitters, and always on the move.

Stock Blitzer.

Here’s where I 1) Blame Wudugast, 2) Show some modded minis.

Modded, left and right arms.

Unfortunately due to the number of positions on the Orc team, GW gave us very few different pieces on the sprues. Also, unfortunately there are 4 Blitzer positions on the Orc team, and you really want them all. Soooo, if you just clipped the sprue and painted them up, you would have 4 pretty identical players.


Originally, I was going to be okay with that…as I had plans for building a second, more different, better Orc team later. So I set about painting these up. Then back in October, I was reading Wudu’s site Convert or Die and he mentioned something about how he must convert everything (or close to everything). And the seed got stuck in my head (again). And I ended up hacking some partially painted minis, yada, yada….


The moral of the story (for me), is not to read Wudu’s site, until I have finally finished a team. Well, knowing me, that seed would again get planted, and then I would be hacking fully painted minis. Maybe, just don’t read Wudu’s site at all?! Haha, no way that’s going to happen!

It’s all good, and I did end up with some better looking minis. But yea, it did cause some delay in getting these out in the long run.

GW stock model on far right.

Due to the pose/mini, there wasn’t a lot of leeway with these guys. So the mod was really about tweaking their right arm and positioning it differently on each one. Took a bit of green stuff to fill it in, but I think it mostly worked and some people won’t be able to tell.

At first, I was going to paint their (orange) tassel different colors instead to mark the four different players. But then I saw some (or a lot of ) people paint the tassel the same color across their team. With the slight conversion differentiating them, I opted to just go with that orange. The conversion makes them a bit different, but the colors keep them a bit uniform. For new players, it’s probably easier to reference as well “The Blitzers are the four players with orange tassels”.

Up Next: Big Orcs

22 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Orc Blitzers

  1. Mean-looking blitzers. I like your color scheme, very colorful, and I like the sculpts too. I also like he designs you painted on their shoulderpads. Looks like you did a good job with the numbering decals too.

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    1. Thanks Ann! I can’t take full credit there. The color scheme is one used by GW. The designs on the shoulder pads (other than checkers) is all waterslide decals.

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    1. Thanks JNV. The change for the most part, is a bit small, but it’s nice that it makes a difference. I wish I could have done a bit more, but it’s challenging to change those poses.

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  2. I blame Wudugast for everything (and I do mean everything). Avoid that guy at all costs if you can! That said, if he’s inspired Orcs of this quality then he’s clearly a fine upstanding gentleman and in fact I can tell just by looking at them that he is witty, intelligent, handsome and well-dressed. Probably quite humble too… Lovely work on these lads, the checked shoulderpads are particularly nice. πŸ™‚

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    1. Well thank you witty, intelligent, handsome, well-dressed gentleman….wait a minute, Wudu?! What are you doing here?! You should be busy converting more models!

      Glad you like them, mate. The checkers are something I still need to work on, but maybe with more practice.

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  3. You’ve done a really great job on these chaps I must say. You say the conversations are minor but what what a difference you have made to each one. Very nice paint work too and the black and white cheque is very neatly done indeed. πŸ™‚

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    1. Kind words, Mr Tim! I’d like the checkers to be neater, but that’s going to take more practice likely. If you like these, stay tuned next week for some more mods!

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