Blood Bowl – Star Player: Ugroth Bolgrot

Blood Bowl – Star Player: Ugroth Bolgrot

While working on the Orc team, I naturally had to do a few Orc Star Players as well.

I can’t remember if this guy is still in the rules or not. I think they retired him, but they might have brought him back.

An Orc Chainsaw Star Player is too iconic for me to resist either way. And it’s nice to have a counter to the Human Chainsaw Player.

Minis wise, he’s a Willy Miniature, but a bit older. Not sure if I got him around the same time as the Troll on my Orc team. He might have been a later purchase. Either way, he didn’t have as much definition as some of the newer minis, so I had to fake it a bit, as you can see from the above picture of his back.

The business end!

Now, the chainsaw could (should?) have loads of blood on it. But I don’t know, I just didn’t feel like it. One, I don’t like to go crazy with blood on minis, but maybe I felt he was grim looking enough to not need it. Like the Grim Reaper, he don’t need lots of blood on his blade to scare people away, right?!

Probably trying to get his eyes in this shot?

Colors wise, I admittedly screwed up. It wasn’t until after I had him 100% done, that I remembered my plan for Star Players. ‘Try to add color schemes into their uniform that reflect all the teams they can play for’. Well, that would mean I need to add some pink at least, as he can play for the Chaos Pact/Renegades. (I’ll be going with the original team’s Pink/Green colors). Oh well. Knowing GW, they will likely end up changing which teams any of these Stars play for anyways…and then I will have colors that no longer match at a later date. So, I’ll just do the best I can.

Ok, one last one. Not sure why I have more pics here.

As I mentioned, he is a bit older Willy Miniature. So he’s about the right height with the 2016 GW minis. He is slightly leaner than them though. Partially because he doesn’t have much armor. I think he still works though and looks decent. Here he is next to my Orc lineman (below).

Next up: Star Player #2!

20 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Star Player: Ugroth Bolgrot

    1. Good point. If you’re that close to check out the chainsaw, it’s probably already too late! Now we need to add “wise” to your title. “Sir John the Wise, of the Varnish”. Okay, maybe that needs a LOT more work.

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  1. Looks excellent mate, to me a mad orc with a chainsaw is quintessential Blood Bowl! I also prefer to minimise blood splatter on models, if only so that I can go mad now and again on the ones that really deserve it. I think, had I been painting him, I’d have slathered it on here, but actually I think he works really well without it and adding a load of blood might have just overdone things.

    Just had a nose and he’s still listed as a Star Player in the Snotling issue of Spike! Interestingly, and as a Blood Bowl aficionado you’ve probably spotted this ages ago, but I just had a leaf through the Star Players section at the back on the new core rule book. Ugroth isn’t listed there, but when I looked a bit closer I realised that only models with official models are listed, the exceptions being Gretchen Wachter, Skrull Halfheight (both unreleased at the time that the book was published, but released since) and Rumbelow Sheepskin. Does this imply that Rumbelow will be getting a model soon do we suppose… Food for speculation anyway!

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    1. Thanks Wudu, glad you like him! Mark your calendar for next week, as there is another, erm…just for Wudu one…

      Nice research on the Stars. So, the Snotling book was technically 2016 rules. I’ll try not to gnash my teeth about that one, and just hope they release a 2021 almanac with some updated stats. Maybe I’ll just grind my teeth a little…. Anyways, the best one can hope for is Ugrot being added in a card pack later. I know he got mentioned not too long ago, but what I’m thinking of, I don’t think came from the Snotlings book. Maybe a different Spike. At any rate, the stats would likely be close enough to convert him to 2020 rules.

      Yea, they pretty much only included the Stars they have models for. I’m okay with that, mostly. I think they have too many Stars all in all, and if they are moving to streamlining them, that would be a good plan. I’d rather see fewer Stars with better special abilities, than just gimmicky stars across the board. It sometimes feel like there wasn’t much thought behind them other than ‘that’s a funny name! well, what do we make them?! heck if I know!’. Or maybe a model was the inspiration? There really needs to be some game sense in there too.

      I think that’s some good speculation on Rumbelow. Hopefully he looks better than the last two. Skul and Gretchen don’t really match their art very well. I think my conversions (oh woe they may be), did a better job of capturing the essence of them. I mean, we’re probably going to be partial to the stuff we do, but I can’t say I’m always crazy about my conversions.

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  2. Great work on your star player, the stripes on the chainsaw are very effective. Do they still have dirty player trait available ? as you used to be able to give a player with this trait a chainsaw, which would give you an alternative to using him as a star player and still be a useful model

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    1. Thanks Dave! I’m not sure of the rules before 3rd edition, but Dirty Player works differently now. It grants a bonus to the Armor or Injury roll. Which makes it easier to get someone out when Fouling. The only way to get Chainsaw (or the other special weapons), is to have a player who starts with it (mainly Goblin teams) or to hire a Star Player with one. In some ways, that’s probably good. If everyone was allowed to pick up a chainsaw…well,….let’s just say I wouldn’t want to play against the Badrazad Timbers!! πŸ˜‰

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    1. Thanks IRO! If you say he’s cool, he must be! He is a nice figure, and I’m glad I kept him around and even better to finally have painted him! Which reminds me, I went looking to see if I had painted the Human Chainsaw guy…nope!! Turns out he is about a head shorter than the other minis. Too bad, as he was a nice mini too. Alas, I’ll be hunting for an alternative…

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        1. True, I did look at the one I have and his parts, but they wouldn’t match up nicely. It will mainly depend if the perfect model is out there, and/or one close enough that I can mod (pretty much the story for every Star Player I do).

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    1. Thanks TIM! Easier than one would think. Rules for Chainsaw are that they get sent off the pitch more quickly than the rest. Plus they have a 1 in 6 chance of the Chainsaw kicking back and hitting themselves. Such is the craziness of Blood Bowl!

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