Fantasy – Frostgrave

Fantasy – Frostgrave

Well, this is another game post! Usually we’re playing regular boardgames on the weekends. But I managed to get some Blood Bowl games in and now we’ve switched to Frostgrave.

Table setup “Standard Game”

Why the switch? Well, a few reasons. I had bought the Frostgrave rules awhile back, intending to use some rules to enhance Dungeon crawler games I wanted to play. Never got too far with that though, so the book has been sitting around.

I did fall in love with the pics of the nicely painted minis inside. Which probably helped spur me toward buying a bunch of the Northstar Frostgrave minis (note: the game is designed to use any minis, so play with what you got!). Then Stargrave (SciFi version of Frostgrave) was announced, and I got even more excited about the game.

Also, as we played Blood Bowl, I found that the rules tend to be more complex than what my teen is used to and there is a lot of record-keeping. He did like Necromunda when we played that, so I mused ‘Hmmm, easier to learn, less record-keeping, skirmish game with minis I’m enjoying painting….let’s just try Frostgrave!’.

Needless to say, stuff was bought, minis partially painted and assembled, and warbands were chosen.

In the game, you play a Wizard who has hired some soldiers to do the heavy lifting. The setting is a ruined frozen city littered with treasure, magic, and monsters. Your Wizards compete to see who can amass the most treasure (and XP), making you more powerful as you go.

The one fully painted mini so far, my Necromancer in the middle!

The above pic probably sums up a big chunk of our first game. My guy in the red (in the upper left) is dragging an open chest. That chest was up a floor at the start of the game. One of the Teen’s soldiers was trying to climb up there to get it while my red guy was below. My Necromancer cast “Crumble”, making the floor fall in, dropping the treasure below so that my red guy could scamper off with it. That particular treasure was the “Central Treasure”, it grants you the chance to reroll your treasure roll at end game, so you have better luck getting something good. While that was going on, my Teen’s archer can be seen up towards the top. Trying to get some shots at my guys. And my Crossbowman returning fire, while hiding behind a broken column. Up in the upper right, a Thief is having a tough time with a wandering Giant Rat that randomly appeared. It already ate one of my soldiers, but guess it was still hungry!

Frostgrave tables are supposed to be dense with terrain. In our first game, I hadn’t assembled all the Battle Systems pieces yet. So post-game, I took the last bits out to see what I could make and got the above additional pieces made.

All in all, I found it to be a good game and I’m looking forward to learning the rules better and playing more. The wizards can be quite different, so I’m also interested in how it is to play a different type of wizard.

Up Next: Should be a mini!

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  1. My pals and I were enjoying Frostgave back before the pandemic – my only minor complaint is that the after you get a little bit of experience with your warbands the wandering monsters end up being push-overs

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    1. So far we haven’t had much trouble with wandering monsters. We only had the giant rat and skeleton, but we were mainly fighting each other, so they were a minor distraction. Will have to see how things go as we encounter more.

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  2. If you and your teen enjoyed playing that’s all that matters, several of my crew play it a lot, where as I mostly make scenery for what scenario they need extras for. Was more interested in the lizardman supplement they released, but had too many projects at that time to get involved, so will just stick to being scenery maker ! LOl

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