Stargrave – Yazirian

Stargrave – Yazirian

I think this is my first “official Stargrave” post, but it just happens to be with a mini that wasn’t made for Stargrave. Granted, Stargrave and Frostgrave are miniatures agnostic games, meaning you can play with anything you choose, so this mini works just fine!

What’s a Yazirian?!

She sure walks and talks like a Yazirian!

This 28mm metal mini is from Ganesha Games via the Alternative Armies website. I think they were inspired by TSR’s role-playing game “Star Frontiers”. As the minis look a lot like the Yazirian race from that game. Essentially winged ape-like humanoids with Infrared vision evolved from their days of being nocturnal predators. They often wear Sun-Goggles to compensate for day light being too bright for their eyes. Ganesha Games happens to have some of these minis wearing shades too. The Yazirians can also glide short distances with their wings as well.

Yazirian race from Star Frontier’s RPG cover

The Mini

Being a fan of the Star Frontiers game, which doesn’t have much in the way of minis…I had to grab these as soon as I saw them. Overall the minis were pretty good, and I imagine a few more will make their way onto the blog. The scale was larger than I had hoped, as you can see below. Some of the other minis were much larger than she is, so those are definitely on the back burner while I decide if their overly large scale will bug me too much.

The smaller ones should work with the other Stargrave minis I have. We usually envisioned our Yazirians as being a bit taller anyways. Though I think the game rules might state that they are shorter than Humans.

This mini also reminded me a lot of a female Yazirian character I ran for quite awhile, nicknamed “Tal”. I think she was a techie, but also carried around a Sonic Disruptor rifle when she had to get to business. this mini would have been pretty much perfect for her.

The tech tablet she is carrying looks better in that pic than it probably does in person. Took me a few tries to get that thing looking decent. Otherwise, painting went pretty smoothly. Reaper paints on the fur, skin, and wings.

I used War Colours paint on her outfit. It was my first time using War Colours on a mini, and it went all right for an experiment. I figured I would try wet blending the blue and pink. The gel-based War Colour paints are pretty much designed for wet blending, so they worked okay.

Yazirian and two Dralasites!

All three minis above are Star Frontiers races, so I figured a nice group shot was in order. The two shorter ones were also painted with War Colours. We’re not playing anything SciFi at the moment, but I could easily use them as a group in Stargrave. If I luck out, I could run that during Winter break or I could try breaking out Star Frontiers too. Seeing those three together, does make me want to paint another Yazirian or two, but I’m getting ahead of myself as usual.

Next Up: The Star Wars

19 thoughts on “Stargrave – Yazirian

  1. Great work on the Yazirian Faust, remember the old art from Star Frontiers and is a good representation. As for the size difference, I don’t see a problem with it, and not every model needs to be exactly the same height, as we all come in different shapes and sizes, and imagine it would be the same for other races as well.

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    1. Thanks Dave! Yea, she is fine as far as scale. I should have taken a pic of some of the others though, as they are really large. That does give me an idea though…I might paint them up in a different color and they could be used as a humanoid enemy. Maybe paint them like yetis. Will see! Did you ever play Star Frontiers?

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  2. Oh, I love this mini! Great painting, the fur is wonderfully highlighted and the bright clothing really pops! As far as scale goes, having an alien race be larger/smaller but still in scale with your basic humans isn’t really an issue. The galaxy would be a boring place if everyone was five foot nine 🙂

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  3. I know this is a Sci-Fi mini but for some reason, I get Planet of the Apes vibes from this one. She came out really nicely and should fit in well with the rest of your collection as well. I’ll be curious to see what else you paint up for Stargrave. It seems like a really cool setting with many possibilities.

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    1. Yea, the sad thing is that I still haven’t played Stargrave yet but at least I’ll have a good stock of SciFi minis as I go. I’ve always thought of Planet of the Apes as SciFi, so I guess she would probably fit in there too! The face and probably the hair have a bit of a Planet of the Apes vibe now that I think about it.

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  4. Nice work on these …weird things. I was getting a kind of slightly-shaved Wookiee vibe from her at first, but I didn’t realise that they were skin flaps/glider wings. They’d certainly make putting those pants on a tricky endeavour! I like the wet blending as well. I might have to try the Warcolours again someday and see how they fare!

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  5. Ooh, that looks really cool. I’m glad you explained what a Yazirian was – I initially assumed that was the character’s name. The blue and purple clothing pops so well, especially against the muted background of her fur.

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    1. Thanks AB! Yea, I imagine not everyone would know what one was. Even those playing rpgs back in the 80s, could have missed a SciFi rpg like Star Frontiers. The majority of people I knew were into D&D and I never ran into another Star Frontiers fan until I found the internet. War Colours is great for making some bright and shiny stuff, like her clothes. It can be a challenging paint to work with due to its gel properties.


    1. Y’know, we’ve done that over the years in our RPGs. The old characters often make reappearances as NPCs (non-player characters). I think my brother was the first to do that or maybe I suggested it when he was dm’ing. But it was quite funny to see one of my old characters running around and his interpretation of them. Was like looking at someone you knew through a different sense.

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