Frostgrave – Archer and Barbarian

Frostgrave – Archer and Barbarian

This week we have two 28mm minis from Osprey/NorthStar.

First up is a metal Barbarian mini. He came in a two pack with a Cultist Thief. I’m not sure where that one went, but they both looked cool and I’ll be looking forward to painting the Thief when I find/get around to it.

Speaking of cool, I really liked this Barbarian sculpt. He’s your big stereotypical Northern Barbarian dude. The metal Frostgrave minis are often a little taller than the plastic ones and this guy is even a bit taller than that (see pic way below).

He made it into our Frostgrave games before I had the chance to finish him. I mainly got hung up on the little bits and trying to pick out different colors here and there. Wasn’t too hard once I sat down and pushed past that.

This guy on the other hand…

Again, he got some paint on him and made it into our Frostgrave games. BUT this was a case where I looked at the colors of Vallejo paints based on the bottle and/or the cap I painted and they turned out nothing like I thought. I really hated the look of this guy and he sat and sat…till I decided I needed to repaint him a bit.

I broke out my Reaper paints and started applying some colors over the top of the existing paint. While I’m still not crazy about this guy, I’d say he’s better than that original paint job.

Technique wise, I think I did an all right job. I added a lot more contrast than I would’ve at the time. I’m still not crazy about the colors though, and the face of the model is pretty ugly. Oh well, win some, lose some.

Here’s the two of them together. Big Boy on the right!

In other news, next week’s post could be the start of a dry spell. I’ve been hung up on one mini for awhile and not making the progress I want to. Free time, motivation, and all of that can certainly change quickly, so we will have to see how it goes. I might end up doing a non-mini post or two just to keep the blogging going.

These two will also join in on Dave’s Paint What You Got challenge.

Next Up: Bones

14 thoughts on “Frostgrave – Archer and Barbarian

  1. Great work on both Brian, personally I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the colour choices on the archer, it may be because it’s very Robin Hood colours that it feels too similar, but the painting of it is very good, and another model completed. Hope the time and mental block get better and you can get the next model finished soon.

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  2. I’d have to agree that the barbarian is a better sculpt and you painted him well. That’s a fierce looking ginger, I must say šŸ™‚ The archer does have a Robin Hood feel but the sculpt is a bit strange. He has too many layers of fabric on, I feel and it doesn’t really add enough to the miniature to be worth it. Good on you for getting it done. I can see where it isn’t the most inspiring sculpt to work on. It sounds like you’re unstuck on the next mini but you can always try and set it aside and come back to it. I’ve certainly had to do that before with a number of projects and waiting for inspiration to strike can pay off every so often.

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    1. Thanks K! The barbarian was fun once I got to the finish line. I think you nailed it on the Archer, I was trying to decide what colors to paint wear and all those layers made it a nightmare. Oh well, onwards! Which is basically where Iā€™m at with this next one.

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