Paints – Two Thin Coats

Paints – Two Thin Coats

With the second round of Two Thin Coats Kickstarter out, I figured it was (finally) time to scurry and give my thoughts on this range. Granted the original Kickstarter was late, but I have had these paints for a few months now. Which should have been enough time to write up something about it, but you know life, work, etc. Plus I’m not getting paid for this, so I take my own sweet time on these things.

Two Thin Coats

Two Thin Coats is a new player in town from Duncan Rhodes. I’ve never met Duncan, but he seems like a nice guy and I definitely benefitted from a lot of the YouTube tutorials he put out when he was with Games Workshop and later in his own Painting Academy. When I heard he was putting out a paint line, like many people, I was intrigued! Especially since it was dubbed “Two Thin Coats”. Could there possibly be a yellow that covers in two thin coats?! Haha, read on…

Kickstarter Package
Dropper Bottles

I’ll start off with the Kickstarter. Delivery took way longer than expected, but I was still interested to try out the line when it came. The package was pretty nice, with nice instructional graphics, stickers, a triad chart, etc. So there’s a bonus there.

The paints comes in triads, which makes it nice and easy to paint with and remember the order of colors. A plus for me, at least. Similar problem arose as with other triads, some of the shades of colors are not far enough apart. You might have to give them some “oomph!” to get better contrast.

Dropper bottles. Also a huge preference of mine when painting. IF these had come out 8 years ago, I would have probably shoved all my Citadel paints off the desk and into the trash right away!

Coverage is pretty high. Though you’re not going to be covering grey primer with Two Thin Coats of yellow. Maybe someday someone will invent a magical paint that does that, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. The Shade paint “Dark Sun Yellow” does act much like Citadel’s Averland Sunset (or any other Yellow Ochre) to lay down a foundation to paint brighter yellows over.

Dropper Bottles
Color Range
Paint line

Wait, didn’t you say the Dropper bottles were good?! Yea, but these ones I’m not a fan of. First off the bottle caps are conical (to match the nips), so you can’t really paint the top of the bottle like I’m used to doing with other bottles. The conical nips of the bottles are ‘ok’. Supposedly it makes it so you can control the drops of paint from the bottle. I found I got just as much paint on the palette as any other dropper bottle. Clogging still happened on occasion as paint dried in the nip. Though the nips are much easier to clean out than Reaper’s. The bottles themselves are a tougher plastic, so I find myself having to exert some real pressure to get paint out at times, which is really annoying. One last thing…the bottle caps will twist snug, but then I found out they have an extra turn to get them all the way tight. Plus and minus there…the plus is once you know you’ve turned them all the way, they are tight! But I imagine a number of people might not realize there is another whole turn to get there.

Limited color range – kind of to be expected with a first run and the second Kickstarter is expanding the range.

Cost – I’m too lazy to do the math today, but I think most have said that price/ml, this is the most expensive range out there. Though I’d be surprised if they were more than Wargames Foundry.

Consistency – overall pretty good, though I only have 15 colors from the range (I used 14 of them on the mini below). So I can’t attest to all their paints, but I did get a decent representation and I made sure to buy yellow and orange which can be troublesome. Out of the paints I have, I’d say they were much more consistent than Citadel’s. I did experience some tearing, which I’ll talk about in the Mini painting section below.

Metals – so a lot of people go gaga over their metal paints. Honestly I find their metal line to not be that much different than Citadels. I can’t imagine anyone who has actually tried Vallejo Metal Colors, Vallejo Model Air metals, or AK’s metals to find the 2TC line superior. And speaking of which…

Paint line – What I found most surprising with this paint line is that they work almost identically to Citadel paints. Yes, Citadel paints are a well known line. Yes, Duncan probably used a lot of Citadel paints while working at GW. But there are other, much better paints out there and it really boggles my mind. I almost feel like whomever came up with this paint line has been in their basement with their Citadel paints for the last fifteen years and failed to notice what’s come out since. I mean, they should have at least been familiar with Vallejo. I guess they were familiar enough to go with a dropper bottle design, but still. And that’s my little rant, which makes me feel like it’s time to wrap this up…


If you like Citadel paints, you will find Two Thin Coats to be a more consistent line of paint. Is it worth the cost to completely switch over though? I’m not sure. You’re getting a slightly better and consistent paint, but the small bottle size and cost might put some people off. Personally, I think there are better paint lines out there than Citadel, so I think I would point people to AK or Reaper or Vallejo. But we like what we like, and pretty much any paint can be used to paint a mini quite nicely. Also, painters tend to have different preferences. Some like to work with airbrushes or glazes and find really thin paints to be awesome. Others might prefer thick paints for their coverage. I find myself somewhere in-between, leaning towards thinner paints due to their versatility, but still liking my paints to be opaque enough for quick coverage.

While I haven’t spent years with these paints like I have with some other brands, I’ve had enough time to decide I won’t be buying into the second Kickstarter. Not because they are horrible paints, but because my style of painting has significantly changed to where I would not find these paints to be as fun to work with. So it’s up to you to decide whether these match your painting style or no. Anyways, that’s my two cents. It’s certainly not the glowing review that I see popping up all over the place, but I find it’s best to be skeptical when your wallet is concerned.

The Mini.

This is another Urban Mammoth metal mini from the Militia Females w/Pistols set. Which I bought when I was looking for some extra Necromunda minis. Painted up using the limited range of Two Thin Coats paints I had (14 paints on this one). The base and ground texture were painted with other paints.

So the first thing I’ll note is that I didn’t have black, white, cream, or even two colors to make a really good chromatic black. Her hair was a mix of purple and yellow, which would normally make a chromatic black, but ended up being brown. It was good enough, so I went with that and added a wash.

Ah, on the pic above…I painted the lower part of the shirt as semi-translucent. Kinda worked.

I had two washes “Flesh Wash” and “Battle Mud Was” (aka Agrax). They were ok. Given the bottle size is the same as the paint bottles (small), they would have to be amazing to get me to run out and buy them. I used a thinned flesh wash over the skin, hoping it would tie the colors together more. Can’t say it did much, but most of the model has very smooth surfaces. I used the Battle Mud wash over the hair and on the gun. It really helped me out with the gun, because before that it was just two bright silvery metals. Afterwards the gun looked kinda goldish, and not having a black paint…I gladly went with that!

Moral of the story, I should at least buy a black, white, and ivory or cream if I ever plan to paint a mini all in one brand in the future! Since I already have those colors in other lines, it just seems silly to have so many blacks and white. I guess an ivory for highlights and two colors to make a reliable chromatic black would probably be better.

Most of the painting went pretty well. The yellow triad covered over grey with not too many coats. Though the paint was a little gritty, so my preference would be to use other brands. Where it really went wrong was on the mini skirt. I decided to wet blend some highlights in with orange and yellow. In seconds the paint started to tear, which might be hard to see in the shot above. It was lame and there isn’t much you can do about it afterwards. I guess if you’re trying to wet blend with them, a drying retarder is a good choice. I also wasn’t too crazy about the Flesh tone triad. I guess if you only have one triad, the ‘medium range’ is the way to go. Without a good color for highlights though, I was pretty stuck.

Overall, very similar to using Citadel paints but it a bit easier. With Citadel I find that I have to remember the idiosyncrasies of each color, but these colors functioned pretty much identical other than the yellow being more gritty. The washes were nothing special. The metals, though better than Citadels, don’t hold a candle to Vallejo’s Metal and Metal Air.

The mini was a simple one, and actually much needed after I spent so much time on another mini (should be next week). I can’t say she’s the best model I ever painted, but she turned out okay for what I had to work with. She can easily be used for modern games, Stargrave, and other SciFi stuff.

Oh yea, I don’t know who (if anyone) runs a Fembruary challenge, but this would be my entry. It might even have been the first Fembruary mini I’ve painted. Painting more female minis is high on my list this year, to provide more options for games with my daughter. Also, this reminds me that I haven’t been tagging these minis for Dave’s Paint What You Got Challenge, so I better go back and do that!

Next Up: Like a Prayer.


19 thoughts on “Paints – Two Thin Coats

  1. Some great colours on the model Brian, don’t worry I’ve been saving all the pictures for the challenge. I don’t think Alex is running Fembruary this year, as he’s not mentioned it on his blog, I just painted some female models in honour of the event.
    As for the paints, some interesting thoughts, for me I add colours I like the look of, and which give me something new, other than that I stick to the brands I normally buy, mostly Vallejo, some Citadel as they are easier to pick up if I’m in town.

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    1. Thanks Dave and good to know on the Paint What You Got challenge! Yea, I’ll still be posting Fembruary pics, even if no one is able to run it. Just because it’s fun! I don’t know that Two Thin Coats is showing up in stores (I do most my shopping online), but worth a try if you like Citadel and happen to spot them!

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    1. Thanks John! So, in paint swatches the yellow faired about as goods as any other yellow triad scheme. When painting the mini it worked a bit better. Though I found it grainy and not something I would necessarily use because of that. The orange was kind of nice though. With Vallejo, I’ve found some colors are awesome and others not so much. If you’re looking for a good yellow, I’d probably point you to AK. They are really similar to Vallejo, but really consistent. You can also try using pink as a base for the yellow, which is a nice trick!

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  2. Its interesting to read your thoughts on these paints and the lady you painted turned out nicely as well. I agree with your assessment of Duncan and while he seems like a good bloke, my thought when I heard about these paints is, “What are they bringing to the table that is unique or valuable compared to all the other paint options?” Your review illuminated that there probably isn’t enough to justify the cost for me anyway. That and I know how to use Citadel paints well enough that its easier to just keep trucking on with them (and prying dried paint out of their lovely pots too)!

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Cheers Jeff! I had a good laugh on your comment on the Citadel pots! Cost is certainly a big factor. I was also thinking about you (and others who use Citadel paints) while writing this post. I’m surprised you can get such smooth results with their paints, but you also put a lot of time and effort into your work. I’d still say it might be worth checking them out, since the paints are so similar. Maybe just the Orange triad they have. I imagine their paints are probably easily interchangeable and mixable with what Citadel has.

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      1. I wish I were exaggerating on the pots! I really do spend time doing exactly what I said but it isn’t enough to break my habits! What that says about me, I don’t know… I think Citadel paints (outside of their metallics) are easy to work with, especially if you use Lahmia Medium to thin them. They don’t behave quite as nicely with just water I find. You’re right though that it never hurts to try new things so I’ll have to give them a shot and see what I think!

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        1. Ah, I’ve only ever mixed them with water or Flowaid. Maybe if I thinned them down with Lahmian I would like the more. With Reaper, I generally use them straight out of the bottle. No mixing or thinning unless I want to wet blend or glaze. AK is about the same thing, though I might dip my brush in the paint and get a touch of water just for a nice flow. I found with Citadel I was often doing like a 50:50 mix with Flowaid, and that was after I decanted them with Flowaid. I guess in a way, that makes the paint stretch farther. But I prefer the no muss, apply paint and go, approach of the other two brands.

          Liked by 3 people

          1. Interesting! I can see the value in a thinner paint. My only annoyance in this regard is when I am glazing with citadel paints, it takes a minute to get the paint down to glaze consistency. If I could speed that up, that would be great. Truthfully though, I don’t glaze a lot when I paint with the exception of display projects. I tend to layer which uses thinned down paint but nowhere near glaze levels of thinning. I’m convinced you work for Sales and Marketing for these paint companies because you’re selling me on the idea of trying out new paints and I was perfectly content with what I had previously 😀


            1. Hahaha! That’s the first I’ve ever been accused of being in Sales & Marketing! Convincing people is not always my strong suit at work. Oh, it’s the computer guy talking again, can we just mute him? Then I spend the rest of the day wondering why people won’t listen to logic! I thought you must glaze quite a bit with your painting style, but if you don’t then you’re probably just fine with Citadel and/or 2 Thin Coats. Myself, I instinctively go to glazing for some things, and that’s one of the reasons the Reaper and AK paints just clicked for me.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. I imagine that comes with the job in IT. People don’t want to take their medicine so to speak 🙂 I do glaze but if I can layer on gaming pieces, I go for that. It is less time consuming and you see your progress at a more satisfying rate. Glazing tests your patience and it doesn’t look good until it finally does. If you’re lucky, you haven’t lost your mind at that point!

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  3. Firstly, nice work on the model there! I think Alex has stopped “running” Fembruary as a “thing” at this point but I just like to make sure I get at least a few posted and tagged, though obviously I like to keep a nice mix every month when appropriate for what I’m working on.
    I’m pretty indifferent to the Duncan paints really. They seem nice enough but I have a pretty extensive selection of Vallejo, Citadel, AK, Reaper, P3, etc. Very much the kind of thing I’d try out by picking up a couple or a few off the rack at my local hobby store rather than ordering specifically online, especially given the higher price.

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    1. Thanks Azazel! I’ll tag whatever I come up with for Fembruary, even if it’s just for fun. As for the 2TC paints, I wouldn’t recommend you buying the line, as you probably got every color covered already! 😃

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  4. Another great paint review! I have to admit, I did think “bloody hell, *another* brand of paint?” when I heard about Duncan’s range, and I doubt if I’ll ever pick any up because I’m happy using Vallejo and Citadel, but it’s interesting to see what they’re like to use. The mini is wonderfully colourful but if you hadn’t told me they were painted with 2TC paints I’d have just assumed it was done with Vallejo, Reaper or Citadel shades. I can’t really see anything that screams “buy me!” about them.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thanks Matt! Hmm, I guess I should have had a pic with her beside my other painted minis. I’ll try to include that in my next post. But yea, the funny part is that in the end the mini will look about the same as if painted from another brand. Especially when mixing your own colors. I do find some brands easier to work with than others though.

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  5. Great review, mate, and I have to agree with you for the most.
    I do like the droppers. I find that with the Vallejo ones I tend to put down too much paint but with these I found it easy to deposit small amounts on to my palette.
    The Yellow I used, Skulker Yellow, wasn’t grainy at all – maybe a bad batch? I thought that consistency throughout the 15 paints I have was very good, much better than Vallejo Game Color and on a par with their Model Color range.
    Spot on with the metallics – Vallejo Metal Color all day long!
    Glad I wasn’t the only one to find that tightening up their pots was a bit odd🤔
    The brand is definitely aimed at those who use Citadel and if I was one of them I’d consider moving over purely on the pot to dropper front. For me, though, I’ll be sticking with Vallejo and, as I do anyway, dip in here and there if I see anything interesting.

    Great bit of painting there too – I like the hair!😃

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    1. Thank you SM! Did you find the plastic used for the bottles to be more rigid than Vallejo? I think that’s where I struggle. I find myself squeezing harder to get the paint out, which ends up getting the same amount of drops on the palette as I would with most dropper bottles. In theory the cone shape should be better at keeping paint from clogging and drying at the tip, but it didn’t seem to work that way. Glad it’s working for you though! I was going to try and open the Skulker Yellow to see if the paint had frozen, but looks like you can’t remove the tips. :/ So who knows, could just be a bad yellow. Thanks again, the hair was funny…I wanted it black but couldn’t get a good chromatic black. So she got brown, highlighted with the light flesh color. Sometimes it’s whatever works! 😀

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      1. Yes, I would say the bottles are a little more rigid but I have to say I haven’t found this a problem when dispensing paint and can usually deposit a very small amount on to my palette.
        I do find that sometimes the bearing inside blocks off the ability to squeeze paint out, though, and I have to tip it back upright then quickly try again, that seems to work🤔

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