Fantasy – Thief and Apprentice

Fantasy – Thief and Apprentice

This week we have two 28mm plastic minis from Frostgrave.

Unfortunately these guys don’t count towards Fembruary or my own personal goal of painting more female minis (more on this in a minute).

Both had been partially painted for awhile now. The one on the left was painted up in dark colors as a “Thief” for the game of Frostgrave. The one on the right was my Wizard’s Apprentice for Frostgrave, and he first mad this partially unpainted appearance in 2021: here.

Like I said, they were about 90% done by I got hung up on them for various reasons. The Thief suffers from what Jeff dubbed ‘multi-layers of clothing’. I’ve struggled with that on some of these models, trying to figure out what colors to paint all those layers and still unify them. Also, they tend to have lots of little pouches and gear on the belts.

The apprentice, I don’t rightly recall what the issue was. Maybe the wand or the items on his belt. Or trying to figure out what colors I originally used. I know I wasn’t (and still am not) crazy with how his mustache turned out, but that’s a difficult one to get right on a 28mm mini.

Speaking of getting minis done…I went looking for the rest of the 4-pack female minis after painting last week’s mini. Good news, is that I found the one I was looking for. The bad news is that I derailed my plans for focusing on getting the minis in my drawer done, as I found about another 20 minis that I’m dying to paint! At least I’ve slowed down on what I buy.

If Dave’s “Paint What You Got Challenge” is still open at this time, then these are my contributions and would be the last of them for the month.

Next Up: Small packages.

15 thoughts on “Fantasy – Thief and Apprentice

  1. Great work on both Brian, and yes they both count for the challenge. Good you found the model you were looking for, and some more that you want to paint should certainly save on some purchases for the immediate time being.

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  2. Love them both, Brian, and is the thief supposed to look like Batman? LOL! I know what you mean about minis that have layers of clothing, it’s so annoying trying to work out which bits go with which bits and what colours to paint them.

    The other chap looks a bit old to be an apprentice ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the bright colours on his robes, and I think you did a good job on his ‘stache given how small it is.

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    1. Thanks Matt! I hadn’t noticed the Batman look, but now it’s going to be hard to unsee that! I guess when you’re using black and grey it’s inevitable. Same with red and gold, every time I use those colors now, I just see Iron Man. It was fun trying some different color combos on the Apprentice. I actually tried that on quite a few of the Wizards/Apprentices, but it came back to bit me as I didn’t know how to find the right colors to finish off the bits on them.


  3. I’m going to sound like flip-flopper but I think the thief’s sculpt works much better than the previous one, if you can believe it. You did a great job with the edge highlights on him, in my opinion. They help create a little bit of wear in the clothes because a wealthy, well-dressed thief just doesn’t seem right!

    My complaints are with the apprentice who has a tough sculpt to do much with. The edges of the clothing aren’t sharp enough for easy edge highlights and to shade the clothing would take glazing to do it properly. It isn’t worth the time or effort to do that for this sculpt so it doesn’t make things easy on you as a painter! I think you did a great job painting it up in a sensible manner ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thanks Jeff! Since the Apprentice was done quite some time ago, Iโ€™m pretty sure of the paints were Citadel and I didnโ€™t do much glazing with them. I liked most of the colors, but the turban didnโ€™t turn out quite like I thought.

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      1. That was wise because glazing would have added hours to your painting time overall and I don’t think it would have made the mini look THAT much better even with that time investment. There’s definitely a ceiling to some miniatures in terms of how good they can look and you’re pretty close to hitting it with your paint job I’d say ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Both are looking good – and I know all about getting hold of a model that’s been part-painted for weeks/months/years/decades in some cases(!) and just knuckling down to get them finished. My own Fembruary was more of a whimper than a bang this year, so you’re not alone on that one – but as you say – there’s no need for them to be soley assigned a special month to focus on, either…

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