Frostgrave – Demons

Frostgrave – Demons

This week we have three metal minis from Reaper.

This guy kind of reminds me of a Bone Devil from D&D. I bought two sets of these minis, so the second one I’m going to paint in bone colors. The base is sculpted on, so I had to work around it.

I wanted to paint up each of these in their own color scheme and with different bases. Showing that they come from different nightmarish realms. The first demon I painted in a fiery orange color scheme. This one in a sort of gory red. I think he might have been better in a froggy green. Guess that’s what I will use for mini #2. For the base, I was trying for something that was dark black with electrical bolts running through it. Didn’t totally pull that one off.

This was the last one to finally get done, and I struggled with him a lot. I used some Warcolours and he was one of my first experiments at trying to wet blend with those paints. I can’t say it went swimmingly. After varnishing him, he looked too matte. I applied some gloss sealer, and that ended up causing some of the Warcolours paints to run or rub off. It was weird. I went in and repainted parts. Base wise, I used some dark texture, washed with a dark purple, and then dry-brushed with a metallic paint thinking that would make it sparkly and otherworldly. It’s good to have ideas, Brian, it’s just the execution that sucks! ;P Oh yea, for mini #3, I have no ideas for the next color scheme on his duplicate. Maybe a blue or all black? I’m definitely open to suggestions!

Anyways, they turned out okay. The main thing that I bought them for was the random Demon encounters in Frostgrave. They looked perfect for them, at least in my mind. They will also work greatly for some demonic creatures in other Fantasy games.

Next Up: A, B, …


17 thoughts on “Frostgrave – Demons

  1. Great work on all three Brian, versatile models as Demons work in multiple games. as for a colour scheme for the duplicate of third one, maybe look at poison dart frogs, as they look very unnatural with their vivid colour schemes, from memory there is a purple and black that is quite striking. Nothing wrong with trying new things either, and learning from any mistakes can only help in the long run.

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  2. Ooo, I love all three of these, Brian! I used to own the top one but lost it, but I did mine in a grey scheme and it ended up looking like a statue. Duh. Anyway, the orangey-yellow makes it look like it’s blazing with evil. I’ve always liked the second sculpt and the red suits it really well. The mini-Cthulhu at the bottom looks really good in that yellow/green and purple and all three should stand out really well on the table.

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  3. These look great, Brian! Demons are fun to paint since they can be just about any color you want them to be. In terms of the base on the last demon, I wonder if you could tint it with a purple glaze or two to add a little color. I would try leaving some of the metallic bits untouched so that they still shine through. I think the metallic idea is a good one and with a little bit of color added, I think it will really pop.

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    1. Thanks K! Hmm, I like your idea on the base. It also gives me another idea to make larger chunks of metal on the base. Maybe I’ll take another stab at it, if I get this next mini done.

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